These ratings numbers suggest Boston isn’t over Tom Brady

These ratings numbers suggest Boston isn’t over Tom Brady originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

By now, New England Patriots fans have gotten over Tom Brady leaving for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers … right?

Well, the numbers suggest otherwise.

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Brady suited up for his first non-Patriots playoff game Saturday night, and NBC’s broadcast of the Bucs-Washington Football Team matchup drew massive television ratings in the Boston area.

The local rating of 19.63 easily topped Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills (15 rating) and Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks (14).

To put that rating in perspective, the Patriots averaged approximately a 28 rating locally during the 2020 NFL season. Regular-season Brady/Bucs games on NBC averaged close to a 15 rating, which is notably high as well.

Typically, regular-season NFL games register about a 4-7 rating on average.

So clearly, New England still is heavily invested in their beloved former quarterback.

Brady fans were treated to yet another playoff win for the six-time Super Bowl champion. The Buccaneers held off the Football Team despite a stellar performance by backup quarterback Taylor Heineke, 31-23. Brady threw for 381 yards and two touchdowns in the victory.

Next up for Brady and Co. is an NFC Divisional Round matchup vs. either the Los Angeles Rams or New Orleans Saints. Judging by the numbers from wild-card weekend, folks in New England will be watching closely.

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